Local Marketing Solutions

“As I share our website with other companies, they will want to know who designs our incredible site!” — Hardware store owner in the California central valley

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Mobile Marketing

Covertise develops mobile websites powered by mobile apps, QR codes and Click-to-Call technology. Covertise manages mobile marketing campaigns for our clients including:
  • Text message marketing campaigns
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • QR code marketing campaigns
  • Mobile search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns

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Reputation Management

Covertise provides Facebook Fan Page services, Twitter marketing services and local business writing services to keep a network of local blogs updated with fresh, accurate content about your local business. The Covertise reputation management solution seamlessly integrates daily business blogging services with social media marketing services. With Covertise, local prospects and customers receive regular and consistent messaging about you and your local services as they search the Internet.

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