Local Marketing Solutions

“Our client just called, laughing & super happy. Said you're causing lots of trouble in his town! He & his partner super happy bcuz they ranked so well. Plus their top competitor even had the nerve to call our client to complain about us using the keyword that he has 'owned' for years!” — Stephanie M., assistant to Covertise campaign manager via text

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Why Local Marketing?

“92% of Internet users have researched a product or service online, then purchased from a local business.” — Nielsen/Covertise
  • Covertise helps understaffed local businesses get their phone ringing.
  • Can your business benefit from more local consumers who are actively searching the Internet for local services?
  • We achieve fantastic results for your local business without adding a single minute of extra work to your day…

How to Get Started

Three easy steps:
  1. Watch the video. Invest 60 seconds. Learn what’s possible.
  2. Download the free white paper. Discover a free local marketing technique that you can implement TODAY. It only takes a few minutes and does not cost a penny.
  3. Request a free business marketing analysis and complimentary telephone consultation. Regularly priced at $495.00, now free to qualifying local businesses.

Start Now…

Get started today with the Covertise Pay For Performance Marketing Solution…

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