Local Marketing Solutions

“Just got the opportunity to look at the web campaign and I am floored! If this does not drive business to our door, nothing will. We are posting between $3-4K per month in extra income for the past 3 months...” — Bill S., local contractor

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Why Local Marketing?

“92% of Internet users have researched a product or service online, then purchased from a local business.” — Nielsen/Covertise
  • Covertise helps understaffed local businesses get their phone ringing.
  • Can your business benefit from more local consumers who are actively searching the Internet for local services?
  • We achieve fantastic results for your local business without adding a single minute of extra work to your day…

How to Get Started

Three easy steps:
  1. Watch the video. Invest 60 seconds. Learn what’s possible.
  2. Download the free white paper. Discover a free local marketing technique that you can implement TODAY. It only takes a few minutes and does not cost a penny.
  3. Request a free business marketing analysis and complimentary telephone consultation. Regularly priced at $495.00, now free to qualifying local businesses.

Start Now…

Get started today with the Covertise Pay For Performance Marketing Solution…

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